Regaining Consciousness

Dear me,

I need to get my life in order. I need to sit down and breathe. Deep breaths. I have everything I need to succeed. For the month of August I would like to:

  • Register for TPYO
  • Email Mrs. Barcanic
  • Attend the IB Retreat
  • Begin working at Kumon (<- buy a white shirt!)
  • Go through my bookshelf, reorganize space and throw away extra junk
  • Sort through last years school papers
  • Complete my EE draft
  • Donate old books
  • Finish reading Perfume
  • Finish the Perfume study guide
  • Watch Star Trek Beyond, Secret Life of Pets, and Bad Moms, maybe Jason Bourne (?)
  • Limit phone usage to 1 hour a day

Sept. 3, 2016 Update: I revisited this post and found that I have gotten through this month! Thankfully I have survived the beginning of school and now the races have begun. I only hope I survive.

Best, Emily


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