One look as all we need.

i glance over
and catch your eye;
that one look.
your eyes softened
my lips curled
and i knew
the secret between us
would remain confined.
pressed like flowers
holding the weight of beauty
in our palms.


This is a new chapter.

Dear me,

It’s been one hell of a ride. Four years of learning, suffering, surviving. Gearing up for another four? Hell to the yes you’re fucking ready. Ready to take on New York and New Life and New Everything. In one week you’re free of the restraints of adolescence. You’ve become bold and beautiful. Don’t let anything stop you now, fucking get ’em.

In reflection, I’ll remind you. Be soft, speak clearly. Know what you want, pursue everything passionately. Have fear, have humility. Let it guide you to strength and power and happiness. Success is in your grasp.

Much love, Emily


Dear me,

Here’s a reality check. It’s March 29, 00:33, and you’re about five assignments behinds schedule. You’re ready to take a break, from school, from people, from life. But.

You made it through the shittiest fucking months of your life. Made it through trips to California, Las Vegas, and New York (and Carnegie Hall?!). You also made it through five college acceptances. You fucking destroyed whatever shit misconception you had of your self-worth, your confidence. You’re a Barnard woman now.

Much love, Emily

Oh wonder, I wonder.

autumn leaves fall,
colors fade;
august eyes
dreaming for a day
unlike today
where they may rest
on february ice,
and hold onto this love
so bright


I wear silent headphones.

Dear me,

I wear silent headphones to cancel the nothingness with silence. To shut up the chatter of my brain, the wandering of my ears. I place them over my ears to suffocate the spillage of composure. Almost as if, when I remove these silent headphones, my thoughts will dismember and float away.

These silent headphones hold me together. Perhaps the only things that keep me moving onward, forward. Progression has become so difficult these days.

Much love and apathy, Emily



Lost at Sea

We float on boats,
Carried by the swirl and sway.
We are so delicate,
It’s all fun and play.

We near rough waters,
Innocent and blinded.
We tumble down deep,
Cripplingly empty-minded