One look as all we need.

i glance over
and catch your eye;
that one look.
your eyes softened
my lips curled
and i knew
the secret between us
would remain confined.
pressed like flowers
holding the weight of beauty
in our palms.


I don’t smile anymore.

I don’t laugh anymore.

I don’t love anymore.

It’s hard to do anything anymore when something closes so firmly around your chest that you can’t even breathe anymore.


Oh wonder, I wonder.

autumn leaves fall,
colors fade;
august eyes
dreaming for a day
unlike today
where they may rest
on february ice,
and hold onto this love
so bright


Lost at Sea

We float on boats,
Carried by the swirl and sway.
We are so delicate,
It’s all fun and play.

We near rough waters,
Innocent and blinded.
We tumble down deep,
Cripplingly empty-minded


Salt and Honey

Title: Salt and Honey

Summary: One hell of a flashback.

Word count: 1800 words

Warnings: Violence, swearing, mentions of drinking, mentions of smoking and drugs

Notes: Used to be a huge mess, now it’s a slightly less huge mess, and also like not trying to make excuses or anything….lol but I wrote this like two years ago so, it’s just a revamped version of my primitive writing skills.

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